Scripture: Exodus 33:1-2

“1. The LORD said to Moses, Depart, go up from here, you and the people whom you have brought from the land of Egypt, to the land which I swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying, To your descendants I will give it.

2I will send an [a]Angel before you, and I will drive out the Canaanite, Amorite, Hittite, Perizzite, Hivite, and Jebusite.”


The Lord told Moses to continue on to the promise land, the land flowing with milk and honey…not to stay put because that was not Gods best for them. He said that He was going to send an angel to drive out the enemies before them to prepare the way to victory.

Here are what the enemies names mean:

Canaanites: Trappers, depressors and one who humiliates.

Amorites: To challenge with bitter words.

Hittites: Terrorizors – to cause dread, fear or torment.

Perzzites: Squatterssomething that is occupying a life that should not be.

Hivites: Wicked compromise.

Jebusites: To tread down and to desecrate.

These were all enemies of the Israelites that God was sending an angel to wipe out to cause the people of God to walk into the promise land without restriction.


In our lives today how often do we deal with these same enemies that the Isrealites did… we are not necessarily fighting naturally in battle but the bible does say that we are in a battle that is not against flesh and bone, but against principalities of darkness. Have you ever dealt with depression, humiliation bitter words that were spoken over you, fear, torment, something that is occupying your life that should not be, compromise or felt like you have been trotted on or desecrated? The Lord sent His angel to drive out the enemies of the Lord to cause the restrictions to be removed… today the Lord has given us the name above every other name to take authority over the enemies of our soul that can cause destruction and a hinder us from walking into the promise land that He has ordained us to walk in. When the Lord speaks to us to do something and we need to do it regardless … He will cause us to walk in victory along the way… the entire way even though there will be difficulties along with way. So i encourage all of us to take a look at our life and see if any of these strongholds are holding us back from Gods best for our lives… in every area of our lives!!!


Father in the name of Jesus… I recognize that you are my deliverer , that you are my defender and my helper. When I have strongholds in my life I recognize them for what they are… an attack from the enemy to cause me not to walk in all that you have for me. Father, open the eyes of my heart and help me to see who I am in you and that victory belongs to me in every situation because of the name of Jesus. The battles I face are not bigger than you, they are not stronger than you… but they are subject to the name of Jesus and are subject to change because you change not. Thank you Lord to helping me to take the next step of walking in true freedom to the promise that you have for me that flows with milk and honey!!

Thank you father for destroying the works of the enemy… that every hidden things be brought to light… I speak light to the darkness and trust that you illuminate and shine bright your glory upon my face! In Jesus mighty name… AMEN.. so be it according to YOUR Word!!!