“I will come in the strength and with the mighty acts of the Lord God: I will mention and praise your righteousness, even Yours alone. O God you have taught me from my youth, and hitherto I have declared Your wondrous works. Yes, even when I am old and grey headed, O God forsake me not, but keep me alive until I have declared Your mighty strength to this generation, and Your might and power for all to come.” Psalm 71:16-18

I just returned from a three week trip into the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon leading a team of three other ladies who have not done this type of missions work before. We connected with my established contacts in Leticia, Colombia with a purpose set out to take the Gospel of peace to the lost and forgotten in the small villages of this region. Last year, pioneer work and discipleship had begun, but there is still so much more to plow.


We went in the strength and the mighty acts of the Lord – we mentioned and praised His righteousness – we did declare His wondrous works – and we will live on to continue to declare His mighty acts to this generation and to all who are to come.

To be able to live in the fullness of what the Lord has for our lives we need to step out of our comfort zone and get uncomfortable, do things that cause us to be stretched, exhausted, test our love walk to really see the limit, and then to see that we can overcome the limit because of the strength of the Lord, if He is for us than who can be against us.

Through heavy rainstorms traveling by boat to heavy rainstorms traveling by foot into the jungle, sleeping in hammocks, cooking over an open fire, bathing in the river, covered in mosquito bites – we pushed through because it is the love of God on the inside of us that compels us to take this Gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation. We saw the love of the Lord poured out where ever we went. People heard about Jesus, the sacrifice He paid to redeem us and because of His great love eternities we changed, miracles happened, because we as believer’s laid our hands on the sick in the authority that Jesus gave us and the sick were healed.

When we are available and simply say yes to the Lord, He will take us places we never even thought we could go! Let the love, compassion, joy and freedom of the Lord compel you to reach the lost, to reach the forgotten – because although they may be forgotten in the eyes of man, they are never forgotten in the eyes of the Lord.