Josie Rogers January 2015 Newsletter

Hello amazing family and friends!

I just returned from a three week trip into the Colombian and Peruvian Amazon leading a team of three other ladies who have not done this type of missions work before. We connected with my established contacts of Rhema Colombia in Leticia, Colombia Amazonas with a purpose set out to take the Gospel of peace to the lost and forgotten in the small villages of this region. Last year, pioneer work and discipleship had begun, but there is still so much more to plow.

This months attached newsletter has an incredible testimony, answered prayers and updates! I am returning to the states February 13th for a couple months! I am believing God for more churches to minister in, to not only share about the work in the Amazon, but to stir up the body of Christ for reaching the lost, doing the works of Christ and fulfilling the call!

If you have not, I encourage you to read this article that was written by Rhema’s Word of Faith Magazine about what is happening in the Amazon. A huge testimony happened during this past trip from a previous connection that this article talks about!

Love & blessings and see many of you at WBS in Broken Arrow next month!

Josie Rogers