This blog is going to be a bit different than my others… as it is not necessarily a devotional, but it I am sharing my heart from what I took from the past five days of camp meeting here at Rhema Brazil!! Doug Jones, one of my teachers from USA came to Brazil this past weekend to minister and it was such an incredible time and I believe I am to share some of the things that spoke to my heart with you all…

The degree of importance I put on the Word I hear, will determine the quality and quantity of the fruit that is produced.” So we have a choice to be not just hearers of the Word, but to be does of the Word. If we want to see fruit in our lives and fruit that will last that will be quality and be multiplied we need to actually believe the Word we are hearing. So what Word are you hearing and are you acting on what you are hearing?

One of the many jobs of the Holy Spirit for the believer is to be the reveal-er of truth. In John chapters 13-17 Jesus’ time with the disciples was of utmost importance, because his life was coming to a close and the Words he spoke were the ones he needed them to remember. His main focus was on LOVE and the work of the Holy Spirit IN the believer. The Holy Spirit who dwells on the inside of us will reveal truth to us on the inside of us, because He is the Spirit of Truth. In John Chapter 14-16 there are 4 main areas in which the Holy Spirit works IN us as believers:

1. He will teach us all things

2. He will remind us of all we have been taught

3. The Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us into all truth

4. The Holy Spirit will show us things to come

How amazing is it that the Lord has given us all that we need to be successful in our lives with the indwelling of  the Holy Spirit. But it is our choice to allow the Holy Spirit to be and to do all these things for us!!

The Holy Spirit who dwells within us teaches us all things and reminds us of the Word we have heard and learned. I absolutely believe that when  WE as believers truly know the love of God for us we can allow the love of God to flow through us. But it FIRST must start within us to flow through us. We cannot give what we do not have, if we do not have a revelation of the love of God, we cannot effectively give the love of God. God desires us to know His love and as the reveal-er of truth, the Holy Spirit will continue to teach us about the Love of God…He will work in us and then flow through us!!

LOVE: Joyfully chooses to to take an action that promotes the welfare of another; doing what is most beneficial for the recipient at the moment. It will benefits the recipient rather than “me”.

Jesus operated in this kind of love and the bible says the His love has been shed abroad in our hearts so we can operate in this kind of love as well. The bible says that we should be known by our love… so do we really know the love of God working within in us to flow through us? If not, allow the reveal-er of truth to reveal the love of God for you, so you can allow the love of God to flow through you!!!