Scripture: James 5:16″…The fervent and effeectual prayer of a righteousness man avails much and makes tremendous power available.”

There is so much to be prayed out, and the world needs our prayers. Are we willing to be one of many to pray out the plan of God? We can change history by praying, but if we do not pray nothing can ever change. We are responsible for the lives that we impact…are our prayers are preparing the way for divine appointments!

“It seems God is limited by our prayer life – that He can do nothing for humanity unless someone ask Him.” John Wesley There are so many places to go in God, but are we willing to step out of our comfort zone and go to places that we never thought possible? Remember it is our mind that will get in the way. Here are 6 words I want us to remember while praying out kingdom business:

PPatience:  Do not rush God, wait on Him. He wants to see how far we will go and what we really desire.

RRefinement:  Through our prayers we will be refined. Expect God to take, break and make us through the time we spend with Him in prayer. He wants to show us things to come and the thigns that we need to be praying out.

AApply: Through the refining process, we will grow in Him an when we apply what He is showing us to do, we will be hearers not juts does.

YYielding: Let’s not have a preplanned agenda when we spend time with God. Let’s yield to what He wants, and He may want us to pray out something that we could have never thought of before.

EExpectancy: Let’s go into His presence with bull dog tenacity, expecting God to move and show us things. When we put out an expectation God will always go above an beyond.

RRejoice: That what we are praying out is coming to pass, because as we trust the Holy Spirit to help us pray we are able to pray out His perfect will and His will be done in our lives!

John 14:17 “ The Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees Him or knows Him, but you know Him, for He lives in you and will be with you.” We know the Spirit of the living God. His voice can be more real than the voice of our own thoughts, the voice of people, the voice of circumstances and the voice of our feelings. We know HIM!!

1 John 2:20 “ But you have an anointing , an unction from the Holy One and you know all things…”

Though in the natural we do not always know and understand what we are praying out, but the holy Spirit does… so if we ask Him, He will show us.

There is such a great need in today’s world to stay sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit. When we choose to seek first His kingdom and pray our His business, or business will be taken care of because we are a part of His business! I challenge us to get on our knees as the Holy Spirit leads,  because it is a sign of honor, surrender and humbling down before another. Humility is one of the most powerful qualities we need in our lives. God knows our hearts and when the enemy sees us on our knees, he knows business is being taken care of and we are taking our authority as believers. I do believe that we cannot walk out what we have not prayed out, because prayer prepares the way…. God has an amazing future for our lives and it is so important for us to pray out His plan and to trust Him to lead us how to pray, when to pray and as we do that we will see what we pray out come to pass!