Scripture : Proverbs 3:13

“Happy(blessed, fortunate and enviable) is the man who finds skillful and Godly wisdom, and the man who gets understanding (drawing it forth from God’s Word and life’s experiences.)”


God desires us as His people to walk in walk in wisdom. To not depend on others to make choices for us, or just to make a decision based on pretense or based on history alone, but to gain Godly wisdom, Godly understanding and Godly knowledge so we as individuals can make Godly decisions in our daily lives. We gain Godly wisdom, knowledge and understanding by spending time in the Word of God, praying and allowing ourselves to be saturated in the presence of the Lord. But we also gain wisdom from our life experiences… this is what proverbs said! We cannot base every decision we make solely on life experience, but we can gain insight and learn from our past experiences… what worked, what did not, from successes for failures and so on. God is telling us to tap into the wisdom from heaven that He provides and co-labor that with our life experiences so we can be effective in our decision making… because ultimately our decisions do not just effect a single person, but many because we all have a different sphere of influence and some larger than others.


So how can we operate in Godly wisdom, and understanding and how do we apply it to our daily life? For us to know the voice of the Lord we need to spend time in His Word, because that is Him directly speaking to us. He will never contradict Himself.. so His Word and Him speaking to us will always line up with each other. The voice of the Lord is not a big booming voice from heaven, but the Word of God says it is a still soft voice from on t he inside of us… meaning we may think that we are “talking to ourselves on the inside” but really it is a thought an idea and a quickening from the Holy Spirit on the inside of us. And the more we yield to that still soft voice to more confident we become in response to the Holy Spirit speaking to us. This scripture says that we will be HAPPY and blessed when we find skillful and Godly wisdom so when yielding to the still soft voice on the inside of us there will be peace, joy, comfort, success, direction, clarity and  the answer that we are needing from the Lord to bring about the victory we are desiring. So I encourage all of us to not only glean from past experiences to determine our day to day decision, but give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to speak to us through the Word of God so we can walk in deeper knowledge to  make Godly decisions.


Father I ask in the name of Jesus that You would give us wisdom beyond our own understanding and wisdom beyond our own years. That we would be a people who truly do rely on the voice of the Holy Spirit to lead us  and guide us into all truth. God that as we become more confident of your voice you would continue to  lead us into Godly wisdom, discretion, knowledge and understanding to make Godly decisions! I thank you Holy Spirit that you were sent to us to be our helper, so help us to trust you and know that the steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord and how you lead us is how we will walk into victory!!!