Scripture: Luke 6: 12-13

12Now in those days it occurred that He went up into a mountain to pray, and spent the whole night in prayer to God.    13And when it was day, He summoned His disciples and selected from them twelve, whom He named apostles (special messengers)


The Son of the living God took himself away from the crowds, from His close friends and all distractions to spend time with His heavenly father. He recognized that He needed time alone with the father; not just to talk and share his heart, but to hear from the Lord, to receive from Him, to receive a strategy and a plan for the next decision that was to be made. He was preparing to announce the 12 disciples that would walk with Him for the next 3 years. Jesus needed to hear from the Lord for Himself… He needed to receive strength, wisdom and allow the peace of God to guide His steps not the need of the people. Jesus said that I only do what I see the father do and speak what the Fathe speaks… that kind of intimacy only comes from intimate times in the presence of the Father…


Jesus, the Son of the Living God needed to get away from everything that was drawing Him to be in the presence of the Lord. If He, as our savior needed to hear from the Lord, receive from the Lord and spend quality time in his presence, how much more do we as His children need to do so as well! It is not about “religiously” having to spend time with Him… but it is having a hunger on the inside of you that cannot be quenched by anything other than the presence of the Lord. In the presence of the Lord there is fulness of Joy said the Psalmist David… and since the joy of the Lord is our strength I believe it is necessaary to allow ourselves time to spend with the Lord. When we get away from everything that takes our attention through out the day and allow the Lord to download into our hearts we will begin to see the healing power of the lord in our lives in action… restoration to dreams, we will receive instreuctions, a strategy for whatever we may need one for, peace over lives, wisdom for every decision… what ever we may need the Lord has ready to pour into our lives… it is all about putting ourselves in an atmosphere that we are open to receive from the Lord!


Father I recognize that I am in need of you… I am needy of you and that is a good place to be… Because you are the only one that can fulfill what I need! Just as Jesus allowed Himself to get away and spend time in your presence, help us as your children to recognize the need for your presence personally. I thank you Lord that as we open up our hearts to hear from you, You will download into us all that we are in need of and even more! I ask that you would give us wisdom beyond our own understanding, strengh where there is weakness, peace where there is anxiety and frustration, healing where there have been destruction and hurt, restoration to the broken places and a strategy to walk successfully this next step that you are asking of us! I thank you God that you are working on our behalf! You Word is turth and it is life and Your word never fails!! I call today blessed in the name of Jesus, amen! So be it!