“And he said, O Lord, God of my master Abraham, I pray you, cause me to meet with good success today and show kindness to my master Abraham.” Genesis 24:12


Abraham’s servant had an opportunity to try and take matters into his own hands by picking out Abraham’s son a wife within his own liking and ability. But he chose to be an man of integrity and honor and asked the Lord for success, he asked for help! Abraham asked for a few specific details about the woman he wanted for his son, so this servant was obligated to find at least those specific qualities in woman of choice. And because this servant asked the Lord for help, success came and a woman named Rebekah was the one the Lord chose!


In our daily life how often do we really ask the Lord for help and to make our day successful? I think if we take time to allow the Lord to be apart of our daily decision making we would see a major difference in our relationships, job positions, finances…. but it is a choice to ask the Lord for help, rather than trying to do and achieve on our own and in our own ability, because He knows how and what is best for our lives!


Father today I am laying down my pride, my ability and strength and asking you for success this day! What is your heart for my life today and how can I walk in all that you have for me. I thank you Lord that I hear your voice, I ask for divine appointment, divine connections, I think you that I walk in supernatural and divine favor because of Jesus. I thank you that I am blessed going in and blessed going out, blessed in the cities and blessed in the hills and I walk in supernatural wisdom from heaven to help me make the correct decisions that need to be made!!

Love you Lord, you are so faithful and so true to your word! I declare you word prevail over my life and what ever is written down in heaven will come to pass! In Jesus name!! Amen, so be it!!